Website Terms of Use

Website Terms Of Use

Our Website's Terms of Use

['Our Website' means jejuislandhotels .com]
['We' means Our Website, and the registered owner of Our Website].
['You ' means any person reading these Terms of Use / any visitor to our website]

Note: If You do not agree to Our Website's Terms of Use it is important that You leave Our Website now. Should you remain on Our Website you will be doing so in full knowledge of, and agreement to Our Website's Terms of Use.

Beyond that stated above, by your continued use of Our Website, You also hereby agree to, and acknowledge:

Intellectual Property:
Not to copy, share, reproduce or transmit in any form, or otherwise use any of the information or content on Our Website.

We cannot guarantee that the information provided on Our Website is accurate, complete or suitable for any purpose. Further, We are in no way liable for any actions of whatsover kind that should result from use made of, or reliance on any information or content contained on Our Website.

Third Party sites:
We accept no liability for any content or material on other websites to which Our Website links. We also accept no liability for any reliance on, or use made by You of any content or material on these other websites. 
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