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Jeju Island offers visitors a huge choice of hotels. This is great news on two levels: firstly more choice means ..just that! it also means that there are plenty of great deals to be had, especially in the off season. You'll find the hotels and other holiday accommodation properties are offering attractive rates to compete for your vacation dollars. A quick check of the deals finder below might return some great news..dependent on dates, some hotels offer discounts on standard rates of up to 65%!  So, that means there is a good chance that you will find a price that's right for you.. once you make a decision on the location. Whether you need to book a hotel for a few days or a longer timeframe, finding an ideal hotel,  or other vacation property,  really depends on the location that you prefer. 

The location might depend at least to an extent, on the kind of experience you are looking for while you are in Jeju.  Perhaps you are looking for a place to stay, in secluded woodlands; or a hotel close to a golden sandy beach. Perhaps you would enjoy driving along the coast roads with their black lava landscapes and white topped crashing waves; and see yourself staying in of the many hotels nearby. Maybe you would rather be closer to the City with its bustling markets and duty free shopping? You might like the luxury of one the 5 star all inclusive resorts or hotels; or be a traveller simply looking for a quaint and cozy guesthouse. Jeju really does have it all !  So its worth finding out a little more about the Island and where you feel you might be best to lay your hat! 

About JiH
On our hotels site here, we try to give you a few helpful pointers.. but ultimately you'll need to have a browse by entering dates in the search box below, and get more familiar with what's available- we really hope you find a range of suitable deals that match both your needs and your expectations. Good luck!.. and mentioned don't forget to check the deal finder box above for the latest and best offers across a varied selection of Jeju hotels, which can, oncertain occasions, mean big discounts on room rates.

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About Jeju Island

Jeju Island is a little piece of heaven, sitting just off the Southern coast of South Korea. Then again we would say that I guess since my wife and I chose to move here ourselves in 2011 (I'm Tony by the way, an ex-pat from the UK). We are of course biased, but then again we are not trying to sell you on the idea of coming to the Island..we're guessing you have already made the decision to do just that -but you simply need a great place to stay. You are not alone in this requirement of course as Jeju is a vacation island and attracted over 5 million visitors last year.

Jeju Island is South Korea's most popular vacation destination, and especially popular with newly weds..who flock to the Island to take in its multitude of romantic views and settings.  Jeju is a volcanic island and at its center stands the almighty Mount Hallasan; actually Hallasan is the tallest mountain in the whole of South Korea at 1950 meters. The island itself was first formed around 2 million years ago and is primarily made up of Basalt and Lava. Jeju enjoys a humid sub-tropical climate, rarely dipping below  zero degrees in Winter. 

The coastline of the island is generally dominated by black lava rock- and this lava and specifically lava tubes play an important role in the Islands structure and landscapes. The geographic and scientific importance of the Island and its environment recently led to Jeju being named a UNESCO World Herritage Site.  Among the lava.. in various locations around the island, you'll find a number of pristine golden sand beaches, which are of course a large part of why Jeju has become so popular. Another great draw for the Island is the abundance and range of natural vegitation, huge pine forests with their idylic walking trails; not to mention the expanses of colorful flowers and grasses that are to be found. Due to its relative isolation, Jeju has developed a truly unique habitat and ecosystem, and become a magnet for nature lovers from far and wide.

About the Aewol area of Jeju Island

Jeju Island's Aewol district is famous primarily for its coastal landscapes. The black lava rock - that is to be found virtually everywhere in this area of the Island is a big point of interest for tourists.  Ourselves too! as it's where we chose to make our home. The coast road around Aewol offers up a virtually continuous landscape of volcanic rock against the dynamic backdrop of Jeju's costal waters, with its crashing waves. Aewol is also home to a number of well frequented Orums (Orums are like mini mountains) formed due to the lava flows across the Island.. they are actually hollow... so think of them as caves!. You will also find the golden sands of Gwakji beach and other smaller beaches in Aewol- a great tourist attraction on the Island. Be prepared also, to put your walking shoes on and take a hike along some of the omni-present Olle trails you will come across during your stay.

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